Time Warp Dance


    Tuesday night......after the thrill of what was Hurricane Matthew had passed us by we as a City were trying to get back to normal. There was a silence in the stitch group after one of the ladies mentioned the upcoming movie remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

With out further prompting one voice started to sing the Time Warp dance and we soon all joined in bellowing the song at the top of our lungs. Now I must add that we are a group of varied individuals ranging in age from 20 to 80. Our group tonight was made up of SCAD students, attorneys, artist, company presidents, doctors,river pilots and retirees.  Interesting that this was one song we all knew.

I'm sure the tourist passing by the window were looking at us this time and not the lovely wall of yarn. Savannah is a quirky place. Happy to call it home for now.

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