Hurricane Matthew Everything is "all right....all right"

friends knitting event savannah ga yarn

Hurricane Matthew came in fast and furious. It was the first storm I've encountered while living in this coastal town. The night before was our stitch-n craft night. It started out slow as many locals were on edge as to whether they should leave or stay. But, the mood soon lightened. You see earlier  in the day two sisters were in the shop and we had such fun giggling and planning her projects that I was happy to see them walk in for the stitch night. Not only did they bring their fun personalities they also came with a bottle of bubbly and orange juice! So with Matthew brewing in the background we did what most Savannahians do. We had a party! 
Thanks to all the new friends we make here at The Frayed Knot! Next time your in the neighborhood on a Tuesday evening stop by and join us. We can promise good laughs and the start of new friendships. 

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