An Evening With Cornelia

$ 20.00

February 15, 6pm-8pm $20

The first 10 people through the door receive a door prize, so don’t be late for this date, or you will miss out!

The entry fee gives you the opportunity to choose 4 patterns from a selection of patterns that will only be offered to those who attend the Friday event.

Cornelia has said she would be delighted to sign books, so if you have any of her books, or you buy some while you are in on Friday, she will be autographing.

There will be a discussion on the substitution of yarns for patterns that were designed with products difficult to source or have been discontinued. She will talk about the properties (fiber blend, twist, etc.) of the yarn we use and their individual characteristics (drape, luster, etc.) when knitted and crocheted into finished fabric. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a designer that has been actively working international knitwear design for the past 40 years!