Since we are all under quarantine how about a fun surprise arriving in your mailbox? It's a mystery package created just for you!

This is how it works:

Select your Quaranskein Bundle price

In the note section of your order give us something to use as inspiration. (It can be a movie, flower, song, emotion)

Include the weight of yarn you prefer and if you have any sensitivities to certain fibers.

Lastly, select a knit or crochet project in the drop down box.

We will then take this information and create a package especially for you. It will include yarn and a pattern suggestion. The contents will be well thought out, chosen with love, and a very good quality.

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@thefrayedknot #tfkquaranskein

"I received my order today. I am really excited about this project. I chose Lost in Time shawl. Love the colors! Perfect! Thank you!"

- Heidi

"It's so soft, I love Manos, and I've been wanting to do a simple colorwork sweater -- so I'll try Sipila. This will look bonkers good! And like candy! Thank you thank you!"

- Amy